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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Virginia Democrats Are Not To Be Trusted

Another day, another Democrat wanting to have it both ways.

The Republican Party of Virginia has dug up a letter from a now-state senator - one Barbara Favola (D-Commie Central, Arlington County) - written in 2004 that decried the potential calamities that would befall the Commonwealth and all its various local government entities if the state legislature didn't pass a budget.  The same Barbara Favola - Democrat - who now supports the blockage of all efforts to pass a budget in the General Assembly and, presumably, supports fiscal and budgetary calamity.

You can't make these people up.

Democrat Sen. Favola in 2004: 'GA Must Adopt a Budget'

If people like her weren't so destructive to our way of life, they should be given their own reality TV show.  They're that entertaining. In her case, we'd call it "Snooki on the James."