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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Democrats Lash Out In Frustration

They just can't get used to the fact that they no longer wield power in Richmond. And it's not pretty watching them swing wildly at everyone around them because of it.

But the Capitol police?

Good Lord:
Senate Democrats Turn Fire on Law Enforcement

Democrats took a break from threatening to shut down the government and eliminate the paychecks of Virginia's teachers and law enforcement officers today ... to attack members of the Capitol Police and Virginia State Police for doing their job and protecting Capitol Square.

Democrat Sen. Chap Petersen took to the floor of the Senate today and said that the Capitol Police response to a protest over the weekend was "more appropriate for a bar fight." His colleague, Sen. Janet Howell, complained that "our state capitol is becoming an armed garrison."

Statement of RPV Chairman Pat Mullins on Democrat attacks on law enforcement:

"It's truly despicable that Democrats would use the Capitol Police - men and women who place their lives on the line every day to protect these very legislators - to try to score partisan points. The Capitol Police are always, without fail, professional, courteous, and dedicated.

"The fact that Democrats would attack Capitol Police to deflect attention from the fact that Democrats have voted to allow these same officers paychecks to stop on June 30 simply adds salt to the wound.


About 30 people were arrested and removed from Capitol Square over the weekend when they refused police requests to move from the South Portico of the Capitol.

Must be the meth.