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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Good Argument To Abolish The Ed. Dept.

And it comes from the head of the Ed. Dept.:

Ed Secretary: ‘We’ve Seen As Much, If Not More, Reform in States That Didn’t Get a Nickel From Us'

If you understand that (a) the federal Department of Education has never educated one student in its thirty-two year history, and (b) is in place only to transfer tax dollars from individuals living in the various states to the federal government and back to the various states (something those states are fully equipped to do themselves) (with a sizable chunk skimmed off the top to pay the 5,000 employees it warehouses), and if you understand, as our Education Secretary asserts, that the money coming to the states from Washington has no impact on the quality of education, then ...

... why do we have a Department of Education?