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Monday, March 26, 2012

How Do You Kill This Thing?

Remember the story about that mythical beast called the Hydra?  It was the monster that had heads that, when cut off, would not only grow back but would grow two to replace each one severed.  Thankfully for the human race, in one of his "Twelve Labors," Hercules finally figured out a way to kill the creature.  And he did.

If only Hercules were around today.

The Hydra is loose upon the land.

Growing new heads each time one is lopped off.

Growing ever more powerful with each passing day.

It's name?

The Global Warming movement.

Which, when it lost its head, became the Climate Change movement.

Which, now that it has lost all credibility, along with its head, has grown back and is being called the "Sustainability" movement.

And it's coming to devour you:
Upcoming United Nations Summit Repackages Global Warming Agenda Under the Guise of “Sustainability”
By Kevin Mooney, NetRightDaily

Suddenly the concept of “sustainability” is very much in vogue in the run-up to yet another United Nations climate conference scheduled for June.

Throughout American history, land use questions fell into purview of localities. This has changed in the past few decades as federal agencies have greatly expanded their reach. The idea now is for trans-nationalists within the United Nations operating in cooperation with U.S. federal agencies to seize control away from American property owners.

The overarching concept of sustainability was first outlined in UN Agenda 21, which was adapted during the Rio de Janeiro conference in 1992.

This coming June, twenty years after the 1992 UN conference, Rio de Janeiro will again host thousands of UN delegates and activists who will come together over the issue of global warming. However, the participants at the “United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development” (informally called “Rio + 20”) will be couching their alarmist concerns in the vocabulary of sustainability.

The change in terminology is significant, and it was signaled by none other than President Obama. After his party took a beating in the 2010 mid-term elections, Obama told reporters, “There’s more than one way to skin the cat.”

In a revealing interview with Reuters, Ambassador Andre Correa do Lago, Brazil’s top negotiator at the Rio+20 conference, has admitted that it is easier to promote environmentalist policies under the banner of sustainability.

“Climate change is an issue that has very strong resistance from sectors that are going to be substantially altered, like the oil industry,” do Lago said. “Sustainable development is something that is as simple as looking at how we would like to be in 10 or 20 years.” [link]
Global warming. It's back. And has a new head.

And a new name.


And it's coming for your hard-earned income.

Where, oh where, is Hercules when we need him?