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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How Long Is An Eternity?

We'll be finding out.

If we wait for this to happen anyway:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Calls Senator Inhofe a 'Prostitute' and a 'Call Girl' - Will Media Be Outraged?

Never happen.

Besides, we all know that Rush calling that looney leftist who wants the rest of us to pay for her consequences-free orgasms a prostitute was an attack on all daughters in America while Inhofe deserves to be called that and more because he ... well ... fill in the blank.  The reason is less important than the charge.  Inhofe is a conservative Republican.  End of story.  (End of logic.)

These people crack me up.

- - -

To give Rush's transgression some perspective, I offer up this:

Liberal Radio Host Glad Breitbart's Dead, Would Pour Weed Killer on His Grave 

No. Nothing wrong with that.

But (be conservative and ...) use the "P" word and leave this planet forever.