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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Am Woman. Hear Me Whimper.

Feminists flatter themselves with with self-images that travel this path:

But let someone - say Rush Limbaugh - call one of them a name and ...
Who is Sandra Fluke?
By Ann Coulter, Human Events

What with liberal women constantly talking about their vaginas suddenly pretending to be offended by the word "slut," and conservatives pretending to be as pussified as liberals about the nasty names they've been called, I never got an answer to the most pressing question about Sandra Fluke: Who are you again?

Was Fluke dragged out of obscurity after the women of America took a vote and chose her as our spokeswoman? Please, Sandra, we know how deeply private, publicity-shy and terribly busy with law school you are, but we need you to speak for us!

I don't think that happened. Rather, Fluke is the latest in a long line of my absolute favorite liberal typology: hysterical drama queens.

From Murphy Brown to the Jersey Girls, Cindy Sheehan, Joe Wilson and the New School's Jean Rohe, these fantasists inject themselves into a boiling-hot public debate and then claim victim status when anyone criticizes them. [link]
What fascinates me about this is the fact that the author of this piece - Ann Coulter - is the feminist ideal. She's strong-willed, decisive, tenacious, articulate, and wildly successful.

Yet feminists hate her guts.

Maybe because Coulter is strong-willed, decisive, ...?

Speaks volumes.

With the Sandra Fluke controversy playing out the way it has, one has to wonder just who the feminist ideal, in truth, is.

I'm going out on a limb here ...

I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR Please don't say bad things about me or I might burst into tears and demand that your cruel radio show be banned.

- - -

A last point: Sandra Fluke - the poster child of modern-day feminism - wants to have her sexual intercourse to be both consequence-free (think condoms) and cost-free.  Isn't that what sluttish men have wanted since the beginning of time? Whose cause is she championing again?