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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Liberalism In Its Death Throes?

I'd like to think so when I read headlines like this:

"Court Likely To Overturn ObamaCare After Hearings."

The Tea Party.  Defeat of cap-and-trade.  The rising tide of conservatism.  Takeover of the House of Representatives.  Soon-to-be control of the United States Senate.

And come November ...

Could it be that ObamaCare was the last gasp of American progressivism?

I have serious doubts.  There are still many, many people out there who want "free" stuff from the government.  Any many others who see a personal advantage in giving it to them.

Through overturn (should it occur; I'll believe it when I see it) or Congressional repeal, the most intrusive, anti-liberty law ever passed by the national legislature will go.  It's just a matter of when.

Because the alternative is unimaginable.

- - -

It could be argued that ObamaCare itself, in the way it was fashioned, was nothing more than a last gasp.  After reading some of the exchange that took place in the oral arguments before the Supreme Court, one wonders if the then-Democrat-led Congress had simply raised taxes to pay for Obama's pie-in-the-sky cradle-to-grave health care program - rather than devise that "mandate" that everyone pay into the program whether they wanted to or not, either through an insurance company or through a "penalty," - if it would not be in the predicament it's in.

A straightforward tax to pay for ObamaCare.

But the Democrats settled on the mandate because they knew they couldn't get a tax increase passed.  And the American people - overtaxed and under-served - would have sent even more of them into retirement than they did in 2010.

The mandate was a devious end-run around that roadblock.  And the law is where it is.  In the hands of a markedly hostile Supreme Court.