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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Media Are Shameless

I expected the press to cheerlead Obama's visit to the pipeline yesterday.  But I expected nothing this brazen.  Or this deceitful.  I'll let Rush do the slice and dice:
Brazen Media Backs Up Obama's Keystone Lies with Dishonest News Stories
(from the transcript)

RUSH: I've never seen anything like it, folks. I've never seen this kind of a mid-course correction. I don't even think I saw one like this from Bill Clinton. Suddenly the biggest believer in the Keystone pipeline (or half of it), the biggest believer in drilling for oil, the biggest believer in expanding domestic oil supplies happens to be Barack Obama! Who just two days ago (and every day prior to that) hated the very idea and was trying to dissuade anybody from believing that drilling for oil or pipelining oil would make any difference whatsoever in the gasoline price.

My gosh, what difference a poll makes!

[H]ere's the AP! Folks, if I were you, I wouldn't believe a single word that I read in any AP story. I simply would regard it... I already do this. If I were you, I would regard every AP story, particularly this year, as nothing more than a propaganda piece for the reelection of Barack Obama. This is laughable: "Obama Defends Handling of Keystone as He Puts Another Oil Pipeline on Fast Track." Another! Another? When was the first one? He opposes Keystone! And what he did today -- we told you yesterday this is coming -- is already happening.

It was already in place.

He's not even authorizing anything that wasn't happening.

It was already happening, this particular portion of the pipeline. This is breathtaking! "Obama Defends Handling of Keystone as He Puts Another Oil Pipeline on Fast Track." There's a story also in the Stack here today that the American people... No. I take it back. The CNN story is "Rising Gas Prices Aren't as Bad as You Think." Do you ever remember seeing a story like that when gas prices were going up with any previous president, including Jimmy Carter? Did you ever see we had gasoline prices going up, and here's CNN: Well, you know, it's not as bad as you think. Could be worse! You could live in a different part of the world.

And that's what makes this AP headline so incompetent. It's journalistic malpractice. "Another Oil Pipeline on Fast Track." The Keystone pipeline has not been approved. He still opposes it. This is a pure political move to satisfy 78% of the American people who want it done. So Obama's doing nothing, and he's got a very supportive news media out there trying to convince you and everybody else that he just today authorized the Keystone pipeline. That's what's going on. It's as dishonest as possible. It's as dishonest and misleading as possible. [link]
How do they look themselves in the mirror each day?