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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mitt Romney & The Bigger Picture

Political analyst John Fund sees "Danger Signals for Romney."

So do I.

But here's something worth considering.

A soon-to-be fact: In this primary season Mitt is doing best in states where the electorate is bluest and less than great in states that are a bright red.

It's shaping up to where he'll do well in the Pacific Northwest, in the Rust Belt, in New England, and Florida.

And he'll be a loser (in the primaries) in the South (Virginia doesn't count; he won by default), the Midwest, and the Plains.

So, if one assumes that the South, the Plains, and the Midwest are going Republican no matter what happens between now and November, shouldn't the GOP be salivating at the thought that, in a close election, where a couple of points might separate the two candidates, say in the fading-blue states of Ohio, Colorado, New Jersey, and Michigan, doesn't Romney's appeal make him the ultimate winner?

Just wondering.

- - -

As a side-note, I've been critical of Republicans in the past for glomming onto the "most electable" presidential candidate early in primary season, regardless whether that candidate on which they glom holds political positions with which those Republicans agree.  That's how they ended up with Presidents Dole and McCain.

But this year is totally different.  Mitt Romney, by most everyone's estimation, is "the most electable" candidate in the 2012 race.  Which means he should have been coronated two months ago.  Yet he can't close the deal.

I have a new respect for Republicans.  They're not as blind and obtuse as I thought they were.