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Saturday, March 24, 2012

On That Shooting Incident In Florida

There is little doubt in my mind that there is a "wrongful death" claim to be made in the incident in which young  Trayvon Martin was gunned down by one George Zimmerman.  And on the criminal side of the law, a charge of manslaughter.

I expect that charge will be filed any day.

That said, why have America's black "leaders" gotten their thongs in a bunch?

Isn't this reaction to the shooting just a tad over the top?

"[Assistant regional minister of the Nation of Islam, James] Muhammad said there’s an underlying hatred of black people in this country. “It’s deeper than the chief of police, it’s deeper than the mayor,” Muhammad said. “It’s deeper than the government. It’s deeper than the president. The reality of it is there is an underlying atmosphere of racism in this country, where the administration of justice is inconsistent and the enforcement of law is inconsistent based on your ethnicity, based on your race.

Ah, yes.  Racism.

Well, here's a photo of the dude who did the shooting:

He's Hispanic.

He's an Hispanic racist?

Okay.  I'm all ears.  Make the case.

You know what I think?  I think badasses like that Muhammed character just like to hear themselves howl.

- - -

And, as you might expect, it's all the Republicans' fault.

My favorite loony pronouncement?  It comes from MSNBC analyst and Democratic strategist Karen Finney:

"So, when ... Mitt Romney says nothing at all, the effect is dangerous."


- - -

Wait.  The perpetrator may not be Hispanic.  He is reported to be half-Peruvian.

I can hear Al Sharpton now: Aha!  He's Peruvian!  We all know Peruvians are racist pigs! (Where is Peruvia anyway?)

- - -

Oops. Wait. Now he is Hispanic. Good grief. 

- - -

It's worth noting that 99% of black Americans who are murdered in this country are murdered by black Americans.  So do we really need slave traders like Jesse Jackson fouling the air with this sort of idiocy?

From Drudge:

Blacks are under attack.  Yes they are.  Maybe you should get your brothers to stop it, you old fool.

- - -

A case of self-defense?  Unlike every loud-mouthed "civil rights" advocate in this country, I don't know.

Zimmerman photo courtesy of the Associated Press.