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Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Will Be Heard

I listen to all the East Coast talking heads on TV tell each other how damaging the Rush Limbaugh incident is to any Republican's effort to get elected in November, and shake my head.  They're absolutely sure, because they've told each other that it's a fact.  So it must be a fact (think of the famous response from a liberal of many years ago who was shocked that Richard Nixon won reelection in a landslide, shocked because none of her friends had voted for him).  It's what Charles Krauthammer calls "the liberal echo chamber elite cocooning."

For decades theirs were the only opinions we read or heard.

But not no mo':

"Conservatives were boxed in, and blogging opened the box."

Where once they were seen as being "elite," now they're exposed - by us - every day - as being, simply, clueless meatheads.

As for the Fluke affair, those East Coast talking heads are certain that it has done irreparable damage to the Republicans' cause.  They've taken a vote amongst themselves and validated it so.

One can only smile ...