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Thursday, March 01, 2012

What Makes a 'Moderate'?

In the eyes of Politico reporters, a "moderate" in Congress is one who "crosses the aisle" and is willing to work with the opposition to solve problems.  And who's the poster girl - as far as Politico is concerned - for Washington moderation?

Olympia Snowe.

"Sen. Olympia Snowe has bucked convention throughout her political career — and it was no different on Tuesday with her surprise announcement that she would not seek re-election for a fourth-term in November. The moderate Maine Republican, 65, is considered one of the few Senators willing to reach across the aisle, often ..."

The title of the article is "9 Olympia Snowe votes that angered the GOP."

Those nine votes?

Snowe voted with the far left on the following issues:


Gay marriage.

ObamaCare (in committee).

Obama's "stimulus" plan.

Obama's grossly liberal Supreme Court nominees.

Obama's business-killing Dodd-Frank bill.

Embryonic stem cell research.

Even with that understood, Politico chooses to label Olympia Snowe a moderate.

The reporter could have also included her vote in favor of Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" program, her many votes in favor of the "environment" that ran against America's business community (along with her support for the elevation of the position of administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to a cabinet-level position), including her vote in favor of factoring global warming into federal project planning, including her vote to ban oil drilling in ANWR, including her support for a version of Al Gore's cap-and-trade scheme, her votes in favor of Bill Clinton's "assault weapons" ban, her vote to kill the "partial-birth abortion" bill, her sponsorship of legislation requiring insurance companies to cover contraceptives ...

Need I go on?

Earth to Politico: The reason we conservatives see her as being your everyday run-of-the-mill liberal  - and celebrate her leaving the United States Senate - is because, on the issues that matter to us most, she fought and voted against our interests.  The fact that she said nice things about George W. Bush and his father doesn't matter to us.  Nor does it make her a moderate.

Really smart people in the press are now saying her departure is a real blow to the Republican Party as it will bring a liberal to Congress in the next election?

We say:  Big picture, what difference will it make?