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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why The ObamaCare Mandate Is Bad

I've written it before.  I write it again:

If you're male, under forty, and single, you'd be stupid to waste your hard-earned income on health insurance.  Chances are remote you'll ever get out of it anywhere near what you put into it.  Pick up health insurance (and life insurance) when you need it (and can better afford it).

But don't take my word for it. Take it from a young person:
That would be Dahlia Lithwick's despondent response to libertarians. Apparently, freedom actually consists of being lead by the nose without complaint by Lithwick and her ilk whenever they decide what is good for us.

The fact of the matter is, Dahlia, there are many different goods in the world. There is no one Good in Plato's sense. I get it, you think universal health care is the bee's knees. Well, I don't, mostly because I'm young and not doing so well in the Age of Hope and Stimulus. I need to put that money where it will do me some good (paying loans, food, rent, gas, etc.) rather than health care insurance, seeing as I haven't had a medical expense I couldn't pay out of pocket since...wow, yeah, I'm guessing since I was a toddler. By the way, Scalia was exactly right: people my age are smart enough to make decisions individually about their own health care. Most of us will not need it now and should be allowed to fund our more pressing needs rather than your health care. As for those my age that do purchase insurance, they may have the resources or the need to do so; Scalia's entire point is that they would know better about their individual needs than Lithwick or Obama.
Forcing young people to buy that which they don't need goes beyond the enumerated powers that We the People granted the United States government not that long ago. It especially goes beyond the compact that we as Americans share and embrace.