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Sunday, April 01, 2012

America Is a Racist ... blah ... blah ... blah

People who know nothing about the lash, or the shackles, or the pain, the suffering, the degradation, or the dehumanizing should shut up and get a life.

Starting with all those in this country who have, throughout their lives, been pampered and primped and want to believe that they know all about being a second-class citizen in this country.

Those like these:

U.S. Racism Makes Us 'A Very Sick Country'

Shut up.  You know nothing about racism.  And you denigrate the history of all those no longer here who could  tell their true stories about what it's like to live in a racist country.

Show me your scars, sweetheart.  Then I'll believe you know anything - anything - about discrimination and abuse.