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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Brings Out The Least Intelligent Among Us

I got bad news for Vickie L. Hurley, president of Salem's Local 82161, IUE-CWA union: Your contention that "Earth Day [is a time for us to] think about how we can take better care of our environment. But it's also a day to consider how wind energy — free, homegrown electricity — can help create and secure the manufacturing jobs we so desperately need here in Virginia and across the country" sounds great, but flies in the face of reality.



See "Wind Industry Has Lost 10,000 Jobs Under Obama."

To be clear, that would be your bosom buddy in the White House, Vickie.

Speaking of whom, Vickie:

Labor Agreement For Keystone XL Pipeline To Create 13,000 American Jobs


Obama punts on the pipeline

Wind energy? Care to remove your head from your ass and get back to us?