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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gotta Love Them Democrats

They're always out there working for the little guy.

Ineptitude Bordering on Malfeasance
Lynchburg News & Advance editorial

At long last, the commonwealth of Virginia finally has [a] budget for the upcoming biennium that begins July 1.

To get one was like pulling teeth, though.

And once again, it was the 20 Democratic members of the Virginia Senate who gave nightmares and migraines to local government officials from Tidewater to Southwest, from Northern Virginia to Southside and all regions in between.

The Senate is evenly divided between 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats; Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican, broke the tie, allowing Republicans to claim legislative control of the chamber. The makeup of committees, the selection of chairmen, the flow of legislation ... all the power is in the hands of the Republicans.

But the Virginia Constitution specifically forbids the lieutenant governor from breaking ties on budget votes, and that’s how we’ve gotten into the mess we’re in.

The 20 Democrats whined from Day One about being on the short end of the stick. They lost in court, when they filed suit earlier this year to force powersharing, and ever since, they’ve been using the all-important budget process to squeeze concessions from the Republican caucus.

The pitiful thing is that it’s average Virginians and helpless, trod-upon local governments used as pawns on [sic] game of political chess. [link]
Through their "ineptitude bordering on malfeasance" in recent years, the Democratic Party has managed to destroy its large majorities of elected offices held around the Commonwealth. That ineptitude continues to be practiced unabated.

Soon they'll be able to hold their state convention in a phone booth.

Keep up the great work, fellas.