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Saturday, April 07, 2012

I Wouldn't Get Too Cheerful

The headline makes one believe that the city that Clint Eastwood claims is back may have the chance to actually come back:

Motown Repair Plan: Michigan rides to Detroit's rescue.

But, as with all stories that seem too good to be true, the first two sentences of the Wall Street Journal article reveal the fact that ...

... Detroit's "repair plan" is not going to work:

"There's nothing like bankruptcy to concentrate the mind, and that prospect finally induced the Detroit city council Wednesday to approve a consent agreement with the state of Michigan to save the day—at least for a while.

"The deal will help refinance $137 million in debt but, more important, it gives Mayor Dave Bing authority to void and amend labor agreements."

The mayor is given the authority to do what Detroit mayors have never been able to do?  Produce a decent city labor agreement that doesn't screw Motown's (few remaining) taxpayers?

Authority has never been a problem (mayors, after all, negotiate city contracts all the time).  Fortitude has always been the issue.

Mayor Bing?  Please.

Put the party hats away.  Nothing has changed.

Detroit will continue its slide into Wasteland.