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Monday, April 02, 2012

It's The Sharpton-Jackson Show!

The whole Trayvon Martin Died For Your Sins drama is becoming rather entertaining.  This last weekend?  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton teamed up to do their best Vaudeville act down in Miami, drawing a hearty response from three thousand worked-up African-Americans in attendance, and raucous laughter from the outside world.

Coming out of the rally were lines that will be remembered throughout the ages:

From a former Miami police director: "Trayvon Martin gave his life for this cause!” ("This cause" being to beat up on a half-Hispanic half-wit, who had a gun, apparently.)

From a superintendent of schools: "He will forever be remembered as a child of Miami-Dade." (Which will come as news to the guy who thought he was his father, the man who is neither Miami nor Dade.)

All yucks aside, there was good news that came from the rally.  Al Sharpton may be staying in Florida for a long, long time.  Says the man who put the "blow hard" in blowhard: "I told the family from day one I would help them [sic]. I will be here until Zimmerman is arrested.” (Or until the next ambulance needs to be chased, whichever comes first.)

A parting thought.  Here in this country of seething racial division and wanton strife, white folks seem to get along with Asians just fine.  Who get along with Hispanics.  Who get along with Indians.  Latinos.  Eastern Europeans.  South Americans.  Caribbeans.  Aleuts.  Pacific Islanders.  Who all seem to get along just fine with  Africans who have emigrated to this country, this country that harbors such animosity toward Africans.  Everyone gets along with everyone.  Everyone gets along and gets ahead.

Except one group.

One group of put-upon Americans.

All the country is out to get them.

Their suffering, as a result, is heartrending.

Oh, to feel their pain.

Which we can't, of course, because we've never been subjected to the lash or shackled to the wall of our slave quarters, like they have.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, life goes on.  Asians getting along with white folks.  Hispanics raising their babies and enjoying the fruits of their labor.  Aleuts.  Caribbeans.  African immigrants ...

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