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Saturday, April 14, 2012

'Jobs' Is Job Number One

How many times have we heard Barack Obama make that pledge?  And yet ...
Time for cease-fire in phony 'war on women'?
By Byron York Washington Examiner

The underlying point they're trying to make, say Romney aides, is that the big issue for women is the economy, and not contraceptives or abortion, as Democrats screaming "war on women" would have voters believe. Of course, those issues that matter most to women -- jobs, economic growth, the price of gas -- matter just as much to men. None of them involves a "war on women" by anybody.

One of the main themes of the Romney campaign is that in 2009 and 2010, when Americans were desperate for a president to devote his energies to creating jobs and fixing the economy, Obama was instead obsessed with passing an intrusive and vastly expensive national health care plan, as well as with pushing through Congress a pork-laden stimulus, and even hoped to pass a cap-and-trade scheme that would have reordered the parts of the economy that hadn't already been reordered by the health care scheme. [link]
The shameful irony here is in the fact that Mr. York could have added Obama's war on successful Americans to his list of Leftist causes our president has championed, causes that have gotten in the way of his doing anything about the economy. The irony? Our "job-creating" president has sought - is seeking - punishment of those who create jobs.

Still, York is right. Obama promised one thing and delivered something quite different.

He should be held to account for ... oh, wait. He will be held to account. In November.