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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Problem With Liberals

One of many.

They love to tout their success stories.  See Obama's:

Obama Again Reminds Voters He and First Lady ‘Didn’t Come From Wealthy Families’

A "rags to riches" story if there ever was one (if you ignore the fact that he was raised by his grandmother who was quite well-to-do, the fact that he never had to attend a public school, the fact that he was admitted to Columbia and Harvard, and the fact that he never had to work a real job in his life) (and the fact that he and his First Lady are breathtakingly wealthy today, an unrelated matter).

What bothers me about that?

Obama - and his (few remaining) supporters - will argue until doomsday that he succeeded on his own without the help of anyone.   Fine.  So why does he feel obligated to do everything he can to prevent others from achieving success and acquiring wealth?

"Fairness" - like everything else people of his mindset promote - is meant for others.  For them?

"Yes We Can!"  But "No You Can't."