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Monday, April 09, 2012

Oh My God!

We're at risk of losing 140 of the 79 million trees here in Southwest Virginia!

See "Virginia Tech sports facility plan in Stadium Woods draws opposition."

The issue?

The athletic department at Virginia Tech plans to bulldoze a plot of ground and build a new practice facility.

The opposition?

"Experts" who make nonsense claims like this:

 "This is so stinking rare,” [Virginia Tech Forestry Professor John R. Seiler] said. “We might have the single largest collection of old-growth white oak [jf: the forestry expert identified the collection as consisting of "six to eight," rather than six or eight] left in the eastern United States. This type of forest once covered Virginia. This is what you now have left. [In fact Southwest Virginia is full of old-growth white oak; this professor needs to get out more.]  This could stay here in theory forever.”

Old trees could stay here forever.

In theory.


Expect that opposition, with pithy arguments like the forestry professor's and with the average student on campus not knowing his ass from his elbow, to prevail.

Those "six to eight" endangered white oak trees will now live forever!

Until the law of averages - which gives them zero chance of living forever - catches up with them and they become toothpicks.

My response to this controversy?  For the love of God.