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Sunday, April 01, 2012

On My Career Choices

I'm occasionally asked why I quit writing op/ed columns for the Roanoke Times a few years ago.  In fact someone recently lamented the fact that mine was the lone voice of sanity in an otherwise cacophony of left-wing idiocy (or something to that effect) and that my conservative point of view is missed.


But here's the deal.  My time is of great value to me.  (If my posts are few on any given day, you can bet I had to be somewhere in my ongoing effort to earn some serious bread.)  And if I'm going to get involved in something like writing for a newspaper, it had better be (a) rewarding in a fun, challenging sort of way, or (b) rewarding in a monetary sort of way.  Writing for the Times never achieved the latter.  And, after a time, it didn't bring the former either.  So I walked away from that tremendous opportunity, locked myself in the cloisters here, and went back to the weblog thing.  For which I make no money, but have loads of fun.  Which accomplishes (a).

I bring this up for a reason.  Someone else is having the same divine manifestation.  See "The money buys me time. Time to work on other things. That pay nothing. That may never be published. That I love."

You'll understand.