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Monday, April 02, 2012

Quote of the Day

Marc Morano confronts "Earth Hour" (excerpted):
This is what [the Obama Administration] wants to do, they want to make affordable energy, more expensive.

They are banning coal plants. One of the most moral [energy] choices we have is coal fired power in the world today. 50% of our electricity in [the] U.S. is from coal. It lowers infant mortality, extends live expectancy, brings modern dentistry, modern hospitals.

Both solar and wind have competed with fossil based fuels and they had their rear ends kicked and no amount of subsidies or mandates is going change that. It is certainly not going to happen with the government picking winners and losers through the political process.

When 1.6 billion people don't' have running [water] or electricity, you don't look to put solar panels on their huts made of dung -- you try to bring them carbon based energy.

Cheap abundant energy is the life line of human prosperity and human wellness.

Why are we celebrating the Middle Ages? Why are we celebrating the Dark Ages? Why are we celebrating what N. Korea has already achieved?!

People should abhor Earth Hour. We should be celebrating carbon based energy -- it is the moral choice , one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet.
Telling it like it is. Thanks, Marc.