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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Quote of the Day

There are so many fields of scientific endeavor to which the following, from James A. Bacon, applies:
Prediction 1: Often wrong but never in doubt, the progressives and do-gooders will develop amnesia about the past 40 years of regulatory activism. The old “settled science” will go down the memory hole, to be replaced with a new “settled science.” With new demons to castigate and a new cause to justify meddling in peoples’ lives on the grounds that they are too ignorant, slothful or obstinate to do what’s good for them, progressives will embark joyfully upon a new crusade. Soon we’ll be hearing how sugar is as addictive as cocaine. (Oh, wait, Dr. Gupta quoted a different scientist saying exactly that.) Sugar companies will replace the fat peddlers at McDonald’s as the new villains du jour. (Dr. Gupta also interviewed a sugar-industry lobbyist.)

Prediction 2: Progressives will not engage in the slightest bit of introspection. It will never occur to them to think, “Gee, if the science wasn’t really settled about heart disease, could the science really be settled about, say, global warming?”

Prediction 3: The American public will grow ever more distrustful of the way science is presented to them by the do-gooders and media, which in turn will lead do-gooders and the media to demean the intelligence of the American public.
Gone are the days when scientists pushed their theories relating to phrenology and bloodletting and astrology and alchemy. They are replaced today with theories relating to global warming, trans fats, and - now - the evils of sugar.

You can be sure, just as with Dianetics and eugenics, these theories too shall pass.