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Thursday, April 19, 2012


OK.  I now think less of the University of Chicago.

A study (see "International Perspectives on Theism")  released by the (once-) most prestigious institution of higher learning in America provides this startling revelation having to do with those countries around the world with the strongest and weakest levels of faith in God:

"Atheism is strongest in northwest European countries such as Scandinavia and the former Soviet states (except for Poland)."

So what's startling about this revelation?  Well, nothing.

It's not the revelation.  It's the geography.

1) Scandinavia is a country? When did that come about?

2) See map.  Scandinavia (and perhaps "the former Soviet states," depending on how you interpret the poor sentence construction) is in northwest Europe?  Iceland and Ireland are in northwest Europe.  Scandinavia?  Not even.

3) Is there another University of Chicago that I don't know about?  This is beyond embarrassing.