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Monday, April 16, 2012

That's Just Swell

I'll be honest.  I wouldn't hire this beady-eyed scoundrel to trim my lawn, much less represent my once-prestigious university to the scientific world.

But the University of Virginia appears to have no such qualms ...
Climategate prof. Michael Mann may be moving back to the University of Virginia --
Reportedly about to be offered 'chaired professorship' at UVA
By Marc Morano, Climate Depot

Climate Depot has learned that Climategate professor Michael Mann, who has been at the center of a legal firestorm, may be moving back to the University of Virginia.

Climate Depot has heard that the UVA Environmental Sciences department voted on April 10 to offer Mann a "chaired professorship." It is called "The Joe D and Helen J Kington Professor in Environmental Change."

The offer must be approved by Meredith Woo, the Dean of Arts & Sciences at UVA. The pending offer to Mann is thought to enjoy the strong support of James Galloway, Associate Dean for the Sciences at UVA.

Sources tell Climate Depot that such a potential offer would not be made unless Mann already indicated he would accept. [link]
Some wonder why Mann isn't in prison for having fostered and perpetrated the most egregious scientific fraud in the history of the planet. See ClimateGate.

Let's hope this is a vicious - and false - rumor. The University of Virginia has too good a reputation to be going down this road (though this character did, not long ago, stain its halls with his presence).

Might UVa make the same mistake twice? Might the university rehire the one man most responsible for the scandal that is global warming theory?

Stranger things have ha ...

Well, no they haven't. The disgraced Michael Mann being invited back to UVA would truly be a bizarre act on someone's part.

Stay tuned. This may get weird.