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Friday, April 27, 2012

Those Poor Global Warmists

They just can't catch a break.  First they find out - after declaring that the planet was heating at a rate at which we were all going to die - that the planet stopped heating.  In 1998.

So they quit talking global warming and switched to "climate change."  The phenomenon that was worsening at a rate at which we were all going to die.


Just last month we were offered our obituary:

Climate change panel warns of severe storms, heatwaves and floods

"Climate change," the theory the educated guess  desperate plea goes, was going to produce a furious outbreak of ... weather ... the rate of which would bring about ... well, you know the drill.

But today?

Kiss that shit goodbye too:

Climate Change Not the Problem as FEMA Declarations Dramatically Slow

We're not even experiencing unusual weather.

Maybe they should try unusual sunsets next.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

We're all going to die ...