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Friday, April 06, 2012

Tim Kaine Thinks You're Stupid

And the Roanoke Times plays along:
Kaine and Republicans debate EPA and coal
By Michael Sluss

The Obama administration's proposal to limit pollution emissions from coal-fired power plants has generated heated debate in Virginia and could be a factor in this fall's presidential and congressional elections.

State Republicans have roundly criticized the Environmental Protection Agency's plan to limit carbon emissions from new plants, arguing that it could cripple the coal industry in Southwest Virginia and drive up energy costs. The rule could prevent future construction of conventional coal-fired plants.

"That's a pretty heavy hit and the economy down here cannot afford to take those kind of hits, " said U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem, whose district covers the Southwest Virginia coalfields.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen blasted the EPA proposal last week, saying it will "eliminate significant numbers of good-paying jobs in Virginia alone, devastate our economy and force families and small business owners to shoulder the burden of skyrocketing electricity bills."

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine lists coal as a component of a "comprehensive energy strategy" that is needed to strengthening the nation's economy.

But, unlike Griffith and Allen, Kaine is not denouncing the EPA's proposal.

"I think virtually every American would say that any plant that we build tomorrow should be cleaner than plants that were built yesterday," Kaine said Wednesday as he began statewide tour to promote his economic plan.

In a conference call with reporters, Kaine did not take a position on the EPA proposal and said he is "in dialogue with folks in the industry and others who have concerns about the rule."

"I think they need to get their concerns on the table," Kaine said. "If the proposed rule is too tough, then we figure out what the right emissions levels are. But I think the wrong answer would be to say, 'No, we don't need tomorrow's technology to be cleaner than today's.'" [link]
The title of this piece of nonsense is, once again, "Kaine and Republicans debate EPA and coal." Would someone point out to me where in that article Tim Kaine takes a debate position of any kind?

In fact he dodged the EPA vs. the Southwest Virginia coalfields issue all together.

As is his usual way of handling tough decisions.

Is Kaine going to support the coal industry when it counts? Or will he side with the rabidly anti-environmental crowd instead?

Reading the article there is no way of knowing. He simply did his predictable dance.

The people of Virginia need two things from this snake: (1) An honest answer as to which side he's on, and (2) an apology for playing the people of the Commonwealth for fools.

And as for the Roanoke Times, please ...