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Monday, April 30, 2012

When Spring Comes ...

... I've learned, when I walk into my tractor shed, to look up in the rafters before I enter, in case there's a surprise waiting for me.

Yesterday - a nice sunny day - there was a surprise waiting for me.  In the rafters:

Sorry about the crappiness of the photo but the sun mixed with the background darkness and the blackness of the five-foot black snake curled up, looking down at me made for that which you see.

Funny thing is, I had told Paula the week before that there was a wren nesting in the shed, and that that was not a good thing since the shed is a snake magnet in the spring.  Sure enough, the nest is empty.  As are, I'm sure, all the mouse nests hidden behind the junk along the walls.

The snake seemed to have a satisfied look in his eyes.  Must have had a pleasant meal.

Anyway, I look up whenever I enter the shed.  Snakes lurk ...