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Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Bloggers Come & Go

This is sad news passed along by William A. Jacobsen.  Don Surber - a gifted blogger with the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail - has had enough and is walking away from it.  He says he's exhausted.  Too bad.

I've quoted Mr. Surber many times over the years.  He was - is - insightful, articulate, and brought a lot of common sense to his work.  He'll be missed.

(On a day when I have to try and put up with the idiocy of Maureen Dowd, of all days.)

Jacobsen calls it "burnout."

I call it "life."

We do this until we don't.  That's the great thing about not making money at blogging.  We do it because we love doing it.  And when we no longer love it, we shut down the PC and go grab a beer.  The end.

I think, the fact that it's not a career choice means we come into the arena with a special zeal.  A passion.

Win or lose, we play hard.  Regardless, we plan someday on giving it up and chasing the old lady around the house the rest of our days.  That's the fun of blogging.

Don Surber was especially good.

He'll be missed.

Life goes on.

The great bard, John Keats, wrote of himself that which could be said of all of us bloggers some day:

Put that beer on ice and let's get back to Obama ...