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Friday, April 06, 2012

Why Only Rich People Buy The Chevy Volt

Besides it being some kind of perverted status symbol, rich people are the only human beings who can afford to deal with its sorrowful economic liability:
Savings come slowly for hybrid, electric car owners
By Nevin Batiwalla, Nashville Business Journal

If you're thinking about buying a fuel-efficient hybrid, electric or otherwise eco-friendly vehicle as a way to save money over time, do your homework — or be prepared to wait.

Buyers who choose Nissan's all-electric Leaf ($28,421) over its approximate gas-powered equivalent, Nissan's Versa ($18,640), will likely wait nearly 9 years until they break even, according to a new report by The New York Times that examines the cost of fuel efficiency.

For drivers of the Chevrolet Volt ($31,767), the wait is even longer— 26.6 years. [link]
Just think. If you buy one today, your nice, shiny, new Volt will pay for itself shortly after you're dead and buried, many years from now.

But, hey. You'll at least be saving the planet. Right?

Assuming there is still a planet 26.6 years from now.