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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

With a Twinkle In His Eye

This is what I love about James Taranto (in a ... ahem ... platonic sort of way, of course).  That subtle literary skill of his at delivering biting humor that goes unnoticed by all but the most focused reader.

Today's offering: In a piece about the revelation that Barack Obama has, in his past, eaten one or more dogs (ages/breeds/accompanying seasonings unkown) (go here and scroll down to "Just Where Is This Frum From?"), Taranto writes:

"What's shocking about Obama isn't that he ate exotic foods but that he ATE A DOG. In America, dogs and cats are pets, not provisions. Frum's apparent ignorance of this is enough to make us wonder if he's some sort of alien from another country."

The subtlety of italicizing the word he's.

Don't get it?  Then you'll never get it.

Go back to watching "The View."