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Monday, May 07, 2012

Beware The Republican 'Pragmatist'

He's the guy who can be counted on to do the Democrats' bidding when it counts most.

A routine that is greatly appreciated - and is dutifully acknowledged - by them.

And speaking of Indiana Senator Richard Lugar ...

... the guy who is poised to send his sorry pragmatist ass back home - to suburban Washington D.C. - will have none of it.

From "In Indiana, tea party rattles a career of political pragmatism," challenger Richard Mourdock says it like it is:

"Honestly, as I look at our nation’s capital, I feel more frustrated with Republicans than Democrats ... [B]ipartisanship has taken us to the brink of bankruptcy. It is not bipartisanship we need, it is principle."

"Pragmatists" in the GOP - like Richard Lugar - (like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) - could always be expected to go along with the Democrats' destructive agenda - and voice misgivings while doing so (making them "moderates").

That pragmatism is what got this country in the awful mess it's in.

Richard Mourdock is having none of it.  He chooses principle over "getting along."

If only we here in Virginia had such Senators.