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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Democrats & Their Carbon Emissions

Someone needs to get them the memo - the planet isn't warming.  So their blocking every attempt to get "power to the people" because that power gives off a byproduct that contains carbon - an element that was thought a long time ago to be producing global warming, but has since been proven to not be the case - needs to stop.

First place to send them packing?
Coal, gas exports meet tough environmental resistance
By Ben Wolfgang, The Washington Times

Global demand for American natural gas and coal is booming, but recent clashes on both U.S. coasts underscore that getting American supplies to eager foreign buyers will be anything but easy.

Last week, the Sierra Club announced that it would use a unique 1970s environmental agreement to halt the construction of a natural gas liquefaction and export plant at Cove Point in Maryland. Energy giant Dominion, which hopes to build the first such plant on the East Coast, plans to move forward and could end up fighting environmentalists in court.

The coal industry also has proposed massive export facilities in the Pacific Northwest, where millions of tons of American coal would be prepped for shipment to burgeoning markets in Asia.

But those projects have generated an intense backlash from environmentalists and their political allies, most notably Oregon Gov. John A. Kitzhaber, a Democrat who last week urged the federal government to quash the proposals in his state and in neighboring Washington.

His rationale, outlined in a letter to the Defense Department, the Interior Department and the Army Corps of Engineers, highlights an argument against the development and export of fossil fuels.

The U.S., he said, should take global responsibility for carbon emissions, and any study of environmental effects should examine the worldwide ramifications of using coal and natural gas. [link]
Carbon emissions. An old wive's tale.

When are these Democrats going to be told to pack uo their now-discredited superstitions and go home?