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Sunday, May 20, 2012

How About We Let Scientists Vote Again?

Al Gore is still at it.  He's still wanting everyone to believe  - pleeeaaase - that there is consensus within the scientific community that anthropogenic global warming exists and is a growing problem.  His latest, in billboard form:

"Heartland," of course, is the organization that has the audacity to do what scientists once did not long ago - that being to question hypotheses and to seek and obtain knowledge.

But never mind that.

How about we call Al Gore's bluff?

Notice anything odd about that scientific community?  Notice how silent its been in recent years?

The silence is deafening.

The silence speaks.


How about we ask "every national scientific academy in the world" those questions once again, Al - knowing what we now know about the globe not warming this century:

Do your members, as learned and objective scientists, still contend that the planet is warming?  If they do, how do they support such a contention knowing that empirical data defy such a notion?  And if the planet is not warming - as the facts prove - what role has carbon dioxide - i.e., humans - had on global temperatures?

Put it to a vote, Al.

Or pretend it's 1995 for the rest of your life.

Even in "Groundhog Day," the asshole finally came around.  Time to come back down to earth, man.