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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Am Black

I wrote the other day that it's hard for me to criticize (though not to ridicule) Democrat Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren for fudging her resumé in order to get hired by Harvard Law School when I have advocated that others do the same thing.  Affirmative Action will make the difference?  Hey ...

... I am black.

(Or gay or transsexual or Hispanic or Aleut; depending on which quota the person doing the hiring wants to fill.)

Well, how about we kick it up to the next level.  How about we all join in and really screw 'em up:
Learn from Elizabeth Warren
By Steven Plaut, American Thinker

I think the attacks against Elizabeth Warren, who pretended to be an American Indian to advance her career, are wrong. To the contrary, she simply did what we all should be doing! She sabotaged America's racist affirmative action regime, or -- the term I prefer to call it -- America's affirmative apartheid.

She should be our role model. We should all do the same thing she did and proclaim ourselves members of whichever fashionable list of preferred "minorities" the racists administering affirmative apartheid happen to be promoting this week. [link]
Let's all be black. And stop the silly quota system America's smarter class has devised for us.