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Monday, May 21, 2012

Single-Payer Health Care? I'll Be Brief

It sounds so ... sweet.

A single-payer (a euphemism for your-tax-dollars-spent-by-a-government-bureaucrat who-could-give-a-shit-about-your-tax-dollars) health care system that will save us a ton of money?

It's so says Ed Weisbart in a 753-word treatise in today's Roanoke Times.  See "Medical students embrace Medicare for all."

Sure enough, Ed advises that his plan (any bets on whether he was a big supporter of Obama's plan a few short months ago?  So much for that ...) will be cost-effective and universal.

How wonderful is that?

You may orgasm now.

My seven word response?

The quality of care will be awful.

No, make that a seven-and-a-half word response:

The quality of care will be godawful.

No.  Make it eight words:

The quality of care will be heart-wrenchingly godawful.

People like Ed Weisbart operate burdened by the illusion that a surgeon will perform a liver resection for a ruptured hepatocellular carcinoma for $7.95 an hour.

Ain't gonna happen.

Bottom line:  You can have health care on the cheap - and you'll get just that.

Or you can have - assuming ObamaCare is scrapped next month - the finest health care delivery system ever devised by humankind.  And pay accordingly.

Google the term "don't look a gift horse in the mouth."  That "gift horse"?  You'll find the definition to be synonymous with "universal one-payer health care."