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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Left & Its Love Of Commies

This reminds me of all those Hollywood loons who travel to breathtakingly impoverished Cuba and come back extolling the wonders of Castro's socialist island paradise:

"Hellman disdained a system that made her fabulously rich while romanticizing one that made its citizens spectacularly poor."

That would be Lillian Hellman, 1930's-40's darling of the Hollywood Left.

Some things never change.

I wonder what Sean Penn's net worth is these days.  You know him.  The guy who hates the country that has allowed him to achieve - through no talent of his own - that reviled 1% status.

If fools like him weren't so comical, they'd be downright scary.

- - -

To bring this discussion out of the Hellman age and into the modern era, it's worth noting that that trendy phrase the "Occupiers" and their friends in the Democratic Party like to bandy about - "social justice" - began its usage in the age of Hellman.

Here's its practical application.

The stench it exudes is palpable.