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Thursday, May 03, 2012

My Ploy Works!

I have recommended on these pages over the years a strategy that calls for someone wanting to get ahead in college admissions or in government hiring to put on his or her resumé the fact that he/she is a minority.  And let anyone who challenges that "fact" prove it to be otherwise.  I'm 1/32nd Cherokee.  Prove I'm not.

Well, it seems to have worked just as I had anticipated it would for one particular college professor/Democrat political candidate.  See "Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee Heritage Raises Questions."

Take that!

I'll not criticize Ms. Warren - who's whiter than I am - for doing that which I advocated.  In fact I'll throw a little praise her way.  She made a mockery of America's penchant for "affirmative action."  No small feat.

In fact I have a lament.  Why didn't I take my own advice back when America's corporations were under the affirmative action gun for not hiring and promoting enough women?

Vagina?  Prove I don't have one, big boy.

A white person has to do what a white person has to do, right Liz?