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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The New York Times Asks ...

... I answer.

How Should Obama Appeal to the Disenchanted?

By slashing America's confiscatory tax rates, eliminating the mountain of burdensome and costly regulations, stopping ObamaCare before it can do any more harm, drastically reducing federal spending ...

... and resigning.

Want to end the widespread disenchantment?  Create conditions such that the American people can - with energy and enthusiasm - work toward the goal of achieving the American Dream once again, rather than conditions such as they are today in which they wait by the mail box for a check from the government.

And go back to Chicago in disgrace.

Or, as Virginia's Governor put it the other day: "Our bipartisan effort [to] enact pro-business policies focused on job creation continues to foster a recovery more robust than elsewhere in the nation."

Asked.  Answered.