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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Obama Kenya Conundrum

One needn't be a "birther" or a conspiracy nut to ask this simple question:

Why did Obama’s agents think he was born in Kenya?

The excuse offered by Obama's one-time literary agency is that it was a fact-checking error.  But how many sources existed back then that might have provided any facts about Barack Obama other than Barack Obama?

I think that agent owes America an explanation as to where that "fact" - poorly checked as it was - came from.

An explanation that, I'm sure, we'll be doing without.

Despite that - and because of that - this is one of those stories that makes you go hmmmmmm.

Where's Andrew Breitbart when we need him?

Mark Steyn:

"So the lunatic theory that Barack Obama doesn’t meet the minimum eligibility requirements to be president of the United States was first advanced by Barack Obama’s official representative. Where did she get that wacky idea from?"