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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama Should Heed This Advice

Because it comes from the man who has intimate experience with such strategies.  He was chief-of-staff to the Vice President who - had George H.W. Bush heeded my advice - should have been gently let go in 1992.  A move that would have certainly won Bush The Elder the election.

Bill Kristol's advice to Barack Obama, 2012:

"[W]e sincerely suggest to President Obama: Dump Joe Biden."

Good advice.

Biden's a goof, by anyone's standard.  And, if the only reason Obama chose him to be the Veep candidate in 2008 was because Obama needed to bolster his foreign policy bona fides, that need, four years on, no longer exists.  And, just as important, Biden provides no plus to the ticket.  What, he's the brains of the outfit?  The moral leavening within the administration?   The darling of some favored constituency?  A ferocious fundraiser?

How about None of the Above?

Biden should go.  Giving the President the chance to bring in a new face, fresh blood.

Had GHW Bush done the same all those years ago - loyalties aside - and ceremoniously dumped his weighty baggage - Dan Quayle - the history books would read a whole lot differently today