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Friday, May 04, 2012

On Obama's 'Autobiography'

I'm reminded of the days when the mainstream press decided that oral sex wasn't sex.  Because it was the liberal media's buddy in the White House who was doing non-sexual activity all over Monica Lewinsky's blue dress.  It wasn't sex.  It was ... something other than sex.

So when is an autobiography (i.e., a person's life history) that proves to have been fictionalized not fiction?

When the media's buddy is in the White House.

We knew that Obama had help writing Dreams From My Father.  Now we learn there were no dreams and, for all we know, no father.

And the press justifies the bizarre story with the explanation that non-fiction can sometimes - now - contain an element of fiction.

Those of us not living in Bizarro World, however, have a different take on it:  Obama made it all up.

And how proud they are of his accomplishment ...