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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Problem? What Problem?

I'm at the point where I'd be pleased if our president simply avoided inflicting further damage.

But pleased he's not going to make me.

So what's Obama's newest crusade (to avoid any discussion about his Number One priority) all about? "Obama Pushes Low-Rate Student Loans." A neat idea if (a) the government were a bank and (b) the government actually had any money to lend.

But it isn't and it doesn't.

So where does he expect to get that cash to keep the interest payments on student loans low? From our children and grandchildren, of course. Hey, that's what the national debt is for, right?

Well, that and Social Security, a self-funding ... uh, skip that.

The truth?


Social Security Deficits are Permanent and Growing

Student loans. Social Security. ObamaCare.


Chart courtesy of the Social Security Administration (OASI and DI Trust Fund Data and 2011 Trustees Report)