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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rush Limbaugh On The Ropes

The National Organization For Women - that crazy-left organization often referred to by Rush Limbaugh as "the NOW gang," or "Nags" - is out to get him.  They've launched an "Enough Rush" campaign with the intention of getting him booted from his hugely popular radio show.

As part of that campaign they prepared a mass demonstration in Washington to make real that goal.

That mass protest took place yesterday.

Seven Nags showed up.


As Doug Powers refers to them - and as they'll be forever known - the NAGnificent Seven.

At the same time those seven nitwits were protesting his existence, millions of Americans were tuned into Rush's show.

Guess who gets favorable coverage from the crazy-left media.  Those seven wrinkled old prunes.

Go figure.