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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

To Hear Obama Tell It ...

... he's the guy who helicoptered into Pakistan, put the M-4 to Osama bin Laden's head, and, at great risk to his own life, pulled the trigger. When I heard it, my thought was: Someone put his life on the line to take the world's most notorious terrorist out and it sure wasn't the guy sitting in front of a TV, surrounded by bodyguards, in the White House.

Really, Barry?

Not even:

Obama acquiesced to the mission.  Navy SEALs did the deed.  So scale it back, man.

- - -

James Taranto:

"[Obama's] absurd braggadocio is turning one of the few successes to occur under his leadership into a political liability.

"[W]hen you think about it, Obama would look like anything but a wimp if he had the good sense to let the bin Laden raid speak for himself. By bragging about it incessantly, he comes across as insecure, and weak."

- - -

John McCain:

"I've had the great honor of serving in the company of heroes. And, you know the thing about heroes, they don't brag.”