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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Welcome To The World Of Liberal Academe

She was fired for having the courage to state the obvious.

Why was Naomi Riley fired?  What was "the obvious"?

In my day, "jocks" on scholarship were ridiculed for taking really tough college courses like Beanbag 101.

Today that make-it-look-real regimen has given way to "Black Studies."  "Gender Studies."

Worthless curricula that give participants a feeling of self-worth.  Until the moment they graduate and suddenly realize their advanced degree in Africana Studies or Women's and Gender Studies won't buy them a cup of coffee.

The jocks are gone though.  Replaced by equally vapid boys and girls with no sense of direction, drive to succeed, or inclination to deliver The American Dream to their offspring.

Yet on they'll go.  Breaking new ground in the study of completely pointless nonsense ...