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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Where Is Fauquier County?

And how can someone living there even think he can represent the interests of Southside Virginia?

As odd as such a scenario presents, that's the plan virginia's Democrats have devised to unseat popular 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt.

Can you say ... WING AND A PRAYER?
Democrats pick Douglass, Flaccavento to challenge in 5th, 9th Districts
By Brian Kelley and Lerone Graham, Roanoke Times

Democrats on Saturday nominated a retired Air Force brigadier general to challenge freshman Republican Rep. Robert Hurt for the 5th District seat in November.

At the party's district convention in Lovingston, some 220 Democrats chose John Douglass, who lives and farms in Fauquier County, to challenge Hurt, a lawyer and former state legislator from Chatham. The 5th District runs from Northern Virginia to Southside, with Charlottesville and Albemarle County in its center. It includes Franklin County.

The full contingent of delegates "were on their feet most of the time [Douglass] was talking, clapping and screaming," said Fred Hudson, 5th District chairman.

Douglass had an unobstructed path to the nomination after an earlier challenger dropped out of the race. [link]
I know. I know. Morgan Griffith didn't live in the 9th District when he ran to unseat Rick Boucher two years ago. He lived yards (!) outside.

But Fauquier County? Does anyone in Southside even know where that is? It's up there to the Left of Washington D.C.. Politically and geographically.

I can picture it now. Someone has gotten this old dude a map and is going over it with the Democratic nominee ...

This is Danville over here. And way down here is Martinsville. Ever heard of NASCAR? And around here is where tobacco used to be raised. You own a Confederate flag by any chance? They wear Goodwill clothes down there. Do you have any tattered clothing? A straw hat maybe?  Could you remove a tooth or two so that you fit in with the crowd down there?  And this is ...