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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

While The Tea Party Thrives ...

"Occupy" dies:
Occupy's Descent Into Mobbery Threatens Democracy
Investor's Business Daily editorial

After a day of mayhem, Occupy protesters have shown themselves to be little more than a dangerous mob. Democrats coddle them even as their outrages escalate. Criminal behavior has no place in a democracy.

After turning New York and other cities' public parks into open sewers with their extended camp-outs last year, the left-wing protestors of Occupy had little more to do than look for ways to remain relevant after public sentiment turned on them, crowds thinned and donations dried up.

By descending into a mob that is the antithesis of democracy, they found one.

May Day arrived and suddenly Occupy decided the holiday of the international left was its ticket to getting names in the news again.

But instead of peacefully assembling to present their dog's breakfast of causes — from hating capitalism, to amnesty for illegal aliens, to halting foreclosures — they descended into violence and criminality that can only mean worse to come.

This descent into mobbery goes well beyond Occupy's worst excesses this year — which include "occupying" private homes to protest foreclosures, blocking ports like Longview, Wash., to halt trade, barricading gates to keep trucks from taking cargo from ports, and taking over warehouses, as happened in Oakland, Calif.

These acts are far worse than the original Occupy protests that turned public spaces and nearby private property into lawless, filthy, pest-ridden encampments without permits — until they were rolled up by authorities. [link]
It may be a tad overwrought to think that the events that took place yesterday threaten democracy. A few hundred video game enthusiasts pretending to be badasses - breaking things and shouting the "F" word - is hardly reason to be troubled about our nation's survival.

Still, their antics show the world who they are and how vapid their "movement" is.

We are the 99%! What's for lunch?

Hardly the thing that sent Parisians to the ramparts.

"La république démocratique et sociale!"

"Fraternité, ou la Mort!"

We want free stuff!

Just doesn't quite get there.

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Headline of the day:

This is rich: Nike store [Occupy] vandal smashing windows in Seattle wears…Nike shoes.