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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why Gov't Is Not To Be Trusted

Because the people running it aren't spending their own money.

A story.  One of millions like it:

So someone decides a small Putnam County public library in Hurricane, West Virginia needed a new router for its four computer terminals.  Did that nameless, faceless government bureaucrat go out with your hard-earned income and buy one of these for $37?
 Or one of these for $22,600?
Need you even ask?

State paid $22K each for Internet routers

Oh.  Yeah.  That's "routers" - plural. The state actually bought 1,064 of these jewels.  Reason totally unknown to any normal human being.

The upside?

That purchase didn't cost the government bureaucrat one thin dime.

So what if you were contemplating sending your kids to college ...